Card Casino Games

The game has long been one of the main occupations of adults in almost all countries of the world, and how the Internet is technically more demanding, entrepreneurs from around the world of online casino games scheduled to entertain the people in all regions of the world.....

European Roulette

Roulette is becoming a very popular game gambling in casinos and online gambling sites. The game, which got its start in the 1800s, has impressed many players around the world. Like most table games, roulette offers players several variations that appeal to them with.....

Prehistory or casino before the Internet

Gambling houses have existed since ancient times. In Europe, the ancient Greeks and Romans played in places specially designed for such entertainment, and in China, gambling establishments existed long before our era.

In the modern world, the history of casinos begins with the Ridotto, founded in 1638 in Venice. Can you guess where the first gambling establishment was opened? In a hotel, a bank, or a public house? No! The first casino was opened in the church by order of the government itself! This oldest casino exists to this day, but it only moved from the Church building to the Vendramin Palace.

Casinos and virtual reality

Since its creation, the World Wide Web has become an integral part of our lives, and now we are largely dependent on the Internet whether we like it or not. New technologies have changed many areas of human activity and created countless new industries. Huge changes have taken place in the field of gambling and affected all aspects of the gambling industry, including casinos, sports betting, lotteries, slot machines and even poker.

Today, there are literally thousands of online casinos and bookmakers. Virtual gambling is a thriving and popular industry.

It all started when the government of Antigua and Barbuda passed the free trade and processing act in 1994. This was the impetus for creating a virtual casino. A short time later, Microgaming developed the first software and launched the first online casino site, Gaming Club, in 1995. This platform still exists today. There were up to 200 gambling sites within two years. Revenue reached almost a billion dollars in 1998 from this type of activity. The first online poker rooms were created in the same year.

Technology is developing. Augmented reality has already become a mandatory attribute of the casino. In 2001, the first online casinos with a live dealer appeared. Then it was possible to monitor the situation on other tables, chat and interact with each other in an interactive environment.  

Virtual reality allows you to enter the world of virtual environment and feel like in a real casino online. You don't need to leave your home now to visit a gambling establishment in Las Vegas or Macau.

By 2001, the number of people gambling on the Internet had grown to 8 million and continues to increase, despite strict laws and court processes. Although online casinos are banned in many countries, this industry continues to develop. In 2019, the global revenue from online gambling reached $ 120 billion!

Since 2012, casino games can now be played anywhere thanks to new apps developed for mobile devices.

Blockchain technology has not been left out and has brought a number of advantages to the casino world. Bitcoin has successfully introduced itself to gambling. Cryptocurrency is used as a digital currency that is not issued or regulated by the government.

Virtual casinos are gradually gaining over gaming establishments. For example, video game manufacturers have developed online slots for land-based casinos.

Evolution of slot machines

The slot machine appeared at the end of the 19th century, i.e. more than two centuries after the opening of the first casino. The first prototype of the slot machine was created by Charles Faye in 1887 in England, and then in 1905 in the United States. In the beginning, slot machines were an attribute of bars, and, people were rewarded with a free drink instead of money.

After that, the slot machine has undergone many changes. And in 1998, the first online slot machine appeared.

In the 21st century, the arsenal of online slot machines has been expanded with 3D online slots. Microgaming has developed a 3D slot where you need to wear 3D glasses to get the most popular effect. The points are not required for 3D slots created by other developers, because the effect is achieved through special graphics, which makes the game incredibly attractive.

Interactive slots are another brainchild of modern technologies. The player has a specific task: to win a golf game, pass a quest or strategy. Thus, an interactive slot combines gambling and computer games.

Online casinos of the future

It is possible that a specific mobile gadget for virtual games will be developed in the near future. Then you will not need to download apps to your phone, but simply purchase a device with many features for online games.

Currently, technologies are being developed to further immerse gamers in the world of online casinos with quest elements, role-playing games and more freedom of action. The further you go online — the more games you can play!